About Maltese Cross Travel

Maltese Cross Travel is a home based travel office operated by Ed & Sonja Cleveland in Bradenton, FL.  Ed is a retired Fire Chief (hence the name Maltese Cross Travel) and Sonja is a retired elementary school teacher.  We have traveled all over the world and love to cruise.  Our specialty is cruising in the Caribbean and European River Cruises.  While we specialize in cruises we also book Hawaii and all inclusive trips to Central America, the Caribbean, and Mexico.

We are often asked why the name Maltese Cross Travel.  The answer is easy as noted before.  The Maltese Cross is the symbol of the fire service where I’ve worked for more than 40 years.  It stands for strength, honor, commitment, and integrity.  Those are the same traits we want to bring to our clients through Maltese Cross Travel.

If you want to reach us you can email us at info@MalteseCrossTravel.com or visit our web site at http://www.MalteseCrossTravel.com and see all of the different options available there.

We invite you to complete the contact form below.


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